Care and the Art of Dwelling: Bodies, Technologies and Home

Call for Papers

Guest Eds. Domenech, M., Schillmeier, M.

Thinking about care practices entails a reflection concerning practices
of space. Heidegger´s notion of `dwelling as caring´ addresses this
relationship. In this vein we are interested in rethinking the concepts
and practices of care in contemporary societies. This special issue
focuses on new forms of spatialization in and through which care is
performed, questioned and altered. Emerging forms of spatialization, we
suggest, visualize care as an art of dwelling that constantly relates
humans and non-humans. Care as an art of dwelling, then, enacts
being-at-home by re-assembling bodies, emotions, technologies and places
in highly specific and complex ways.

Space and Culture invites submissions of papers for a special issue
devoted to an exploration of the above topic. Contributions drawing on
all fields of the cultural and the social sciences, medical sociology,
disability studies and STS are welcome focusing primarily (though not
exclusively) on issues such as:

– Blurring of boundaries between home and institutional care (the
institutionalization of the house and the domestication of the hospital)
– Dwelling with technology: Care technologies and their spatialities
(telecare, telemedicine, constant care, etc)
– Care spaces and embodiment
– Spaces of control/freedom and surveillance
– Fixed and dynamic spaces of care: Mobility and immobility
– Spaces of in/dependence, autonomy and vulnerability
– Spaces of safety, security and risk.
– Emotional work and spaces of intimacy
– Feeling at home and the sense of place

Abstracts due: May 15, 2008
Manuscripts due: September 15, 2008

All information and communications concerning submissions should be
addressed to: Joost van Loon, Editor and Professor of
Media Analysis, Institute for Cultural Analysis, Nottingham Trent
University, Clifton Lane, Nottingham NG11 8NS United Kingdom.

Contact for further info:
Michael Schillmeier, PhD
Institut für Soziologie
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Konradstr. 6
80801 München
Tel: 0049(0)89-2180-5937
Fax: 0049(0)89-2180-2922


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