Gork, The Documentary

For those in the NYC-area,  "Gork"  a documentary on the life Adam Terril, "a loud,
charismatic, flag-twirling red-head" with developmental disabilities who now lives
in a group home in Iowa is being shown at NYU and there will be a Q and A with the
film maker, who is his sister.

Details below for those in the area and able to attend. 

The Gallatin Filmmakers Collective Presents: 
"GORK!" The Documentary Thursday, May 8th at 6:30pm (doors open at 6:15pm) The Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts 715 Broadway, Main Floor Photo ID Required Followed by discussion with producer and Gallatin graduate student, Autumn Terrill "GORK!" traces the unusual life of Adam Terrill ­a loud, charismatic, flag-twirling red-head who has a compelling mix of creative talents and developmental disabilities. From his early years as a foster child, through high school graduation, to his present placement in a group home in Iowa, the film explores the comedy, conflict, hopes and frustrations that arise within his 7-member family as Adam's life unfolds, focusing in particular on his impact on his older sister, Autumn. Scenes from Autumn's comical and irreverent award-winning stage play are interwoven into the film, bringing to life the stories of Adam's youth.

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