The Best of Ideas

The CBC radio program, “Ideas”, has a two part series on autism that is available for download from “The Best of Ideas” podcast. The series is called “The Dark end of the Spectrum”, and despite the gloomy title, I thought it was a good discussion of the subject. The first episode offers an account of the historical debate over what causes autism; from the “refrigerator mother” and the “nazi mother” to the “autism gene”. The second episode tells the story of Darius McCollum, someone who spent much of his life in jail for various offences — including impersonating a train conductor — all related to the New York City subway. The episodes may not be available for download for very long, so if you are at all interested in the subject, I recommend downloading them now for later listening.

Another “Ideas” series that people may find interesting is the series “How To Think About Science”. There are some 20 episodes (on a variety of topics) available for download right now.

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