Indigenous Worship

There is a conference happening June 19-21 called ‘Hear the Call of the Drum’ which emphasizes Christian aboriginals worshiping their Creator within the context of aboriginal culture. The vision of the aboriginal ministry movement started by the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) is:

1. community development and leadership development within local communities

2. diaconal ministry to help people with immediate needs

3. healing and redeeming ministry for individuals and communities

4. advocacy for justice for aboriginal peoples within Canada

Aboriginal ministry is carried out through:

1) Aboriginal ministries such as Indian Family Centre (Winnipeg), Indian Metis Christian Fellowship (Regina), Native Healing Centre (Edmonton);

2) Outreach ministries by CRC congregations in other communities which include aboriginal people;

3) Reconciliation and awareness-raising activities within CRC congregations throughout Canada;

4) Linkage to local classes and churches;

5) Advocacy activities to reduce racism and work for justice from the level of local communities to the federal government in Canada

Concerts and other workshops will take place in the inner city area of Edmonton. For more information on the event and the movement, check here.

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