Catching My Breath (catch it tonight!)

Catching My Breath is a documentary that traces the story of Ken Thomas, and Edmonton-based wheelchair athlete, while looking more broadly at the situation for people with cerebral palsy in the 60’s and 70’s when the World Master’s Games were held here. It is showing TONIGHT at the Metro Cinema at the Citadel in downtown Edmonton, and will be followed by a documentary that creatively combines live footage and digital editing techniques to tell the story of an artist living with A.D.D.. For all the details, check behind the cut.

FAVA Freshworks: Catching My Breath by Lorna Thomas
19:00, Tue Jun 17

A series in partnership with FAVA (Film and Video Arts Society), in which we screen the latest new works by outstanding local film/ media artists along with another film of their choice.

Catching My Breath
Dir: Lorna Thomas
Canada 2008, 48 min,

Wheelchair athlete Ken Thomas is determined to participate in the World Masters Games. The story is about his life long fight for inclusion and independence as a person with a physical disability.


Escape Velocity
Dir: Scott Ligon
USA 2006, 28 min,

This autobiographical documentary/animated short film is by digital artist Scott Ligon. The film explores the connection between the creative process and Attention Deficit Disorder. Scott uses live footage run through Photoshop to share his personal experience of A.D.D. in a self-deprecating, humorous manner. The filmmaker explains that A.D.D. is often the norm for creative people such as artists and scientists. He posits the argument that the condition may enable new connections to be made when ideas or thoughts collide in unexpected ways. Since its release, Escape Velocity has developed a cult following among creative people, and individuals with A.D.D. and their families.


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