G.I.M.P. Boot Camp: TONIGHT

GIMP Boot Camp

GIMP Boot Camp

Sorry for the very, very short notice, but this just in on my email moments ago:

You are cordially invited to the first screening of Danielle and Melisa’s first film: “G.I.M.P. Boot Camp”.

The film was made over the last 2 weeks during a course Melisa took at FAVA (Edmonton’s Film and Video Arts Society) called Doc Shop Intensive. We had two weeks to write the script, learn to use the camera, shoot footage, learn to edit, and edit. It was fun and exhausting! Continue reading


Fatal Misconception: Family Planning and Population Control

Last week I read Matthew Connelly’s Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population (Harvard UP, 2008). It’s a critical look at the population control movement focussed largely on the second half of the 20th-century, and discusses some of the early heroines of that movement, such as Margaret Sanger, as well as the role of major Western-led organizations, such as the UN. It’s well worth a read, even though it gets more bogged down in conferences, meetings, and deals than many will have time for. You can read Nicholas Kristof‘s review of it from the New York Times Sunday Book Review right here, which I’ll turn to in a minute.

To many, the term “family planning” will call to mind individual choice and rational decision-making about when to have children, as well as how many to have. To perhaps others, “population control” will send a shudder down their spines as they recall forced sterilization and even extermination, and the control of their lives by others. The “many” referred to above are, by and large, the affluent, the white, the Western (or all three), while the “others” are the poor, the not-so-white, and the non-Western (and often all three). In the course of the 20th-century, family planning and population control became two-sides of a perceived crisis in the growth of population, a putative crisis especially for The West as they saw themselves usurped by The Rest. Continue reading

Creature DIScomforts

Creature Discomforts is an offshoot of Creature Comforts that is intended to reshape people’s perceptions about disability. It presents a series of animated TV commercials that combine claymation (from the creators of Wallace & Grommit) combined with the voices of people with disabilities. Here is one example: Continue reading

What sorts of walks in our pageant?

As “Britain’s Missing Top Model” continues to whittle down the competitors with disabilities as they compete against each other on the BBC, it is interesting to compare this competition to the Miss Iowa and Miss USA contests in which at least one woman with a disability competed against women without disabilities.

Continue reading

Building a Universally Accessible Blog

Accessibility SYmbols

Accessibility Symbols

A comment by AlisonBryan to a post I made last week that was full of YouTube videos (1930s Drama Exposes Horrors of Forced Sterilization) has given me further cause to think about the accessibility of both the What Sorts? website and this blog. After some reflecting and poking around the web I suggest that the WhatSorts community should maintain the following standards wherever possible: Continue reading

Cripple Poetics:A Love Story

A love story for crip culture! By turns playful, unsettling, raw and moving, Cripple Poetics: A Love Story is an immersive and sensual correspondence that builds and heats by accretion—one keystroke at a time. Cripple Poetics is e-mails, IMs and letters between lovers; poetic rumination/invigoration; and disability arts manifesto. Reader Ann Fox (Davidson College) writes: “As lovers/poets/performance artists Petra Kuppers and Neil Marcus court each other, they woo us as well. We are seduced by their great love of each other, crip culture, and a fierce, revolutionary dynamism that makes us want to whirl with them, through pleasure and pain, into the maelstrom of the possibilities for joy and expression the body—and this life—offer.”

by Petra Kuppers (Author), Neil Marcus (Author), Lisa Steichmann (Photographer)

Available directly from Homofactus Press or Amazon.

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