Eugenics History in 10 Minutes

Liam Dunaway’s (2007) 10-minute War on the Weak video is available on YouTube.

This 10-minute video was prepared for the 2007 National History Day competition. The focus is clearly American eugenics and the video-production standards are very good but less than network-tv quality, but this is really an excellent introduction in a 10-minute video and worthwhile spending 10 minutes watching, even for those who are already familiar with the history.The title is obviously shared with Edwin Black’s excellent book on the same topic, which no one on earth can read in ten minutes… What ever happened to speed reading, anyway? You can still sign up for Evelyn Wood’s reading dynamics, but I think I’ll just watch everything on video. There are a number of other interesting videos on the same topic that can be found on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “Eugenics History in 10 Minutes

  1. Alison, it is a shame. To be honest, I didn’t even think of that issue when I first posted the video. After seeing your response, I did go back and look to see if there was a captioned version or a transcript someplace, but couldn’t find anything. Of course, we want this website to be as inclusive as possible, but I am not sure how to achieve this at times. I’d be interested in what you think about things we can or should do to improve access on the site.

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