G.I.M.P. Boot Camp: TONIGHT

GIMP Boot Camp

GIMP Boot Camp

Sorry for the very, very short notice, but this just in on my email moments ago:

You are cordially invited to the first screening of Danielle and Melisa’s first film: “G.I.M.P. Boot Camp”.

The film was made over the last 2 weeks during a course Melisa took at FAVA (Edmonton’s Film and Video Arts Society) called Doc Shop Intensive. We had two weeks to write the script, learn to use the camera, shoot footage, learn to edit, and edit. It was fun and exhausting!

The result of all this intensive work is an 8 minute short. Part satire part documentary, the film is about learning to creatively navigate the socially awkward space between passing as able-bodied, and passing as disabled. The film will be screened with 5 other short documentaries made by other course members.

Where: Stanley A. Milner Library Theatre, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton. (The theatre is in the basement of the Library).

When: Thursday, July 31 at 7:00 p.m.

Above is the proposed DVD cover. Hope some of you get a chance to come and see it. We’d love your feedback.


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