What’s Hot at What Sorts? Ten Videos

Here at What Sort’s, we like flashy things that involve fun pictures or sounds or interactive bits. Some of us like them more than others. Here’s some of the fun stuff that you can catch at What Sorts- keep it coming! [Apologies in advance for not having figured out yet how to go back and caption or subtitle these videos … we’ll get there.]

Fun Stuff:

  1. New Richard Dawkins Vid Reveals Intelligent Design! Spirit of the Time
  2. “Britain’s Missing Top Model” a Media Hit D. Sobsey
  3. Coming Out by See Hear Spirit of the Time
  4. Podcast of Talks on Eugenic Sterilization in Alberta Spirit of the Time
  5. Oscar Pistorius: Liberite, Fraternite, Egalite Spirit of the Time
  6. Jack McCann Mika Bodet
  7. Canadian Prim Minister’s apology on residential schools VirtualJess
  8. Farlow Lecture: 11 June 2008 D. Sobsey
  9. The Best of Ideas Mark Workman
  10. Advertising Autism Spirit of the Time

Ever wondered how you can make a video accessible for the deaf or hard of hearing? About.com has a great synopsis about how to closed caption using various readily available resources, with videos to explain how it’s done in nice and simple terms. These earlier posts have not been closed captioned, but it is our hope that whenever possible in future posts be chosen and edited with accessibility in mind.


3 thoughts on “What’s Hot at What Sorts? Ten Videos

  1. Am I correct to assume all 10 of those videos do not carry subtitles? If so, please could you let readers know in the post, as per post a couple of days ago:

    Select videos with subtitles wherever possible. When this is not possible, clearly indicate that subtitles are not present to save the viewer from having to find out for themselves. Sometimes scripts or extended summaries are available and these should be linked to if possible.

    This blog is somewhat of a contradiction. It questions what sorts of people there should be, yet already makes a statement through its practices (intentional or not) what sorts of people should not exist … by virtue of exclusion. :-/

  2. *nod* I agree with you completely, both that these videos should be cc’d and that it is implicitly contradictory not to do so. I’m sorry for neglecting to mention that these were old videos, not up to our new standards, that was completely due to my neglect. However, please note that we are actively seeking out ways to make the blog more accessible- when we first started it, we weren’t sure what this would entail, but now that we’ve been going for a few months we’re learning about the hurdles that need to be faced in reaching accessibility and are trying to overcome those as we go. My hope is that you’ll see the good will here, and continue to offer us your very helpful input so that we can continue to try and integrate you suggestions. But please bear in mind that it might take a bit of time to get going!

  3. in part my fault too, since I had the impression that it would be relatively easy to go back and caption old videos, but that turns out not to be the case, or at least we haven’t figured out an easy way to do it yet. in part we’re just not up on the software we have identified, but we’re still posting away as we try to get on top of this. so more bumps until we lick that one.

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