What Sorts of Families?

According to John McCain, “two parent families the traditional family represents.”

A recent Huffington Post article by Edward Stein draws attention to McCain’s cant about wanting to preserve family value–unless, of course, those family values are being instantiated by gay couples fostering or adopting children. Stein highlights McCain’s in-artful refusal to answer straight questions about gay adoption, presumably in an attempt to keep both the religious right and gay Republicans happy.

See for yourself. The video below the fold [no captioning, sorry] shows McCain’s responses to questions posed in an interview with George Stephanopoulos.

2 thoughts on “What Sorts of Families?

  1. Family values are important. We just have to decide what family values are. Child abuse is bad for children. Neglect does serious harm to children. Domestic violence and serious conflict between parents hurts children. Abandonment is bad for children. About 37% of American children do not have both parents in their home. About 1,000,000 children experience reportable maltreatment each year. Untold number of children witness domestic violence. So good families for children to grow up in are a scarce resource that should not be wasted. If potentially good parents happen to be gay or lesbian, children need them. A good family should not be wasted for bad reasons. It’s like not letting the fire department save your house because you don’t like the color of their uniforms.

  2. *nod* that was my thought exactly. I knew so many people growing up who lived in foster homes who would have loved to be adopted by some parents who could love them like their own. But what can you say to these people? Their arguments and beliefs were not founded on reason in the first place, so it hardly seems likely that reason can bring them around.
    Grrrr. I resort to growling.

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