CBC News – Disability Matters

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) ran a monthly column focusing on disability issues in 2005 & 2006. The series rotated between three disabled Canadians–Anna Quon (Nova Scotia), Ed Smith (Newfoundland), and Hélèna Katz (Montreal)–and was intended to focus in on their experiences and reflections as such. The column concluded in August 2006, but the stories and comments remain relevant and thought provoking. A complete list of the columns follows. I especially recommend Imagine a Disability You Can’t See and The Beautiful Kindness in People.


Aug. 17, 2006
Home Sweet Home

May 10, 2006
Helping a new day dawn

February 14, 2006
Watch your words: language and disability

August 3, 2005
Medication and the treatment dilemma

May 11, 2005
Against stigma – putting a face on mental illness

February 18, 2005
Wishing for self-management


April 18, 2006
The beautiful kindness in people

November 7, 2005
Time to fight the good fight again

June 24, 2005
‘Come On-A My House’

March 22, 2005
Against the killing of the light

Feb. 3, 2005
Death, not disability, is the end of the world


June 28, 2006
Elephants in lab coats

March 20, 2006
Disability matters more than it should

December 1, 2005
Disability matters in the workforce

July 19, 2005
Teachers need more than apples

April 11, 2005
Imagine a disability you can’t see

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