Haseeb’s Horror Story

The July 31st Dallas Observer has an extended story detailing the abuse of one of Denton (TX) State School’s residents left paralyzed by a beating and his mother’s quest for justice. The story is also well documented in the video clip Haseeb’s Horror Story from the Forgotten Lives Movie.The Observers story points to widespread abuse and torture.

The Dallas Observers own review of more than 800 pages of disciplinary records covering 11 state schools over the last five years reveals a widespread pattern of abuse and neglect throughout the system. 

It is painful to watch Haseeb’s story but anyone who cares about the treatment of fellow human beings cannot turn away. Kevin Miller’s videotaped confession is provides a rare glimpse into the realities of what is commonly called institutional care. 

for more video on this story see Institutional Abuse: Denton

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