Eugenics 2008? The deportation of Lucy Chapman

Anyone who reads the news has heard stories about killers, rapists, and suspected terrorists that have fought deportation from Canada and in many cases won or at least delayed being deported. So, who are the really BAD people that we need to keep out of this great country for fear that they will destroy the nation. Apparently 7-year-old Lucy Chapman is one of them.Lucy Chapman and her family were barred from entering Canada in 2005 because Lucy has Angelman syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that results in mental and physical disabilities. Later, in October 2005,  the law that denied people with disabilities entry into Canada was changed after the Supreme Court found it to be discriminatory and agreed to consider people on an individual basis.

When Mr. and Mrs. Chapman, both former police officers,  arrived in Canada with their two Children to move into their newly purchased home in Fall River, Nova Scotia in July, 2008, however, they were turned away.

The story has received considerable coverage in  the UK and quote the Chapmans who claim the Immigration Official explicitly told them that they were being denied because their daughter’s disability meant they were banned for life.

Mr Chapman, a former Metropolitan police officer, said the problem began when the border guard looked at their passports at Halifax airport.

The following comes from the Telegraph on August 8, 2008.

“The atmosphere changed. She said: ‘why have you brought your daughter to this country?’” he said.

“I asked why I shouldn’t I bring her and was told by the border guard that because she was disabled she had a lifetime ban.

“We couldn’t believe what they were saying.”

Mrs Chapman, 45, also a former police officer in London, said: “I have never, ever in my whole life seen such blatant discrimination. Lucy is different and therefore in their eyes not perfect.

“I kept saying to them: ‘So because my daughter is disabled you are telling me she can’t come in?’ and they simply said ‘yes’.”

“My dog was allowed to stay. My dog has a higher status than my daughter in Canada, just because she is disabled.”

After a five-hour stand off the family was allowed to leave the airport but their passports were seized. Eighteen days later they were asked to leave the country.

Their passports were seized upon entry and 18 days later the entire family was deported. 

Canadian News sources have not given the story much coverage and Canadian officials claim that the couple was deported for other reasons but refuse to specify those reasons. See, the following story, for Canadian coverage.

Brit family being deported but the question is why: Family thinks it’s because their child is disabled; MP told there’s more to it

Canadians and people with disabilities need a proper explanation. If there is no truth to these allegations, the air needs to be cleared. If there is even a bit of truth, it needs to be told and something needs to change. It is  shame that it took a Supreme Court Decision in 2005 to get this policy changed, but it would be much greater shame if Canada continued to deft the court ruling through deceit.

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