Race: CFP

The Monist copy cover

The Monist copy cover; with a black background and blue font, it doesn't show up very well. Hopefully the inside is easier to read.

The Monist is currently looking for submissions on race, see behind the cut for full details.

Topic: This issue of The Monist will explore race both the concept and the category from a philosophical point of view. The focus will be not only on the metaphysical and epistemological issues related to racial classification, but also on the social and psychological aspects of race. What is race? What sort of category is it, ontologically speaking? Is it an empty category? If not, is it a biological kind, a social kind, or perhaps both? How is race conceptualized both scientifically and in everyday discourse? What is the proper relationship between scientific and everyday conceptions of race? What are the biological, social, historical, and political origins of racial thinking? What aspects of human cognition, if any, shape racial thinking? Can a better understanding of race help our efforts to challenge racism and racial injustice? How would race be conceptualized in a just (non-racist) society? Would an ideal society conserve or eliminate racial classification schemes? Of particular interest will be papers that aim to integrate treatments of these questions in the wider discourse of science and philosophy.


Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2009

Advisory Editors: Robin Andreasen (University of Delaware) < robina@udel.edu> and Ron Mallon <rmallon@philosophy.utah.edu>

Submissions should be 4,000-8,000 words, and will go through a relatively quick turnaround (including refereeing and revisions) for an expected publication date of January 2010. We’re very much looking forward to this issue as a forum for work in this important and exciting area of research, and we hope you’ll consider submitting to it.

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