Tropic Thunder and the R Word

Following up on dsobey’s post on Tropic Thunder: From insult to injury, a brief review of what’s being said about the film on Slate in a post on my blog, Words, Words, Words. I’ve been reflecting on the “r word” and on hateful speech so casually applied to persons with intellectual disabilities—to the point that many people think it fine and well that a movie like Tropic Thunder is “questioning stereotypes” when it’s rather simply reconfirming them, and showing why we do need to look so very closely at how we use words like “simple” and “different” and, yes, “retarded.”


2 thoughts on “Tropic Thunder and the R Word

  1. Kristina, Your reflection on words is well appreciated. I have spent a big part of my career trying to develop a model to understand violence against people with disabilities, and I am happy that my model is well accepted in disability studies and criminology, but it is really very simple… attitudes and beliefs are at the heart of violence. I hope that the controversy over the film will make us look way beyond the movie to the bigger issue. Here are c couple or recent items that address this in different ways including a timely little PSA video on the R word.

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