Tropic Thunder Protest Effect?

In spite of the entertainment industry’s attempt to claim that Tropic Thunder had a good opening and that protests by people with disabilities and their advocates made no difference, Tropic Thunder las week with disappointing box office sales.The film was expected to open have $30 to $40 million in ticket sales on its first weekend but only managed to achieve $26,000,000, approximately 25% below expectations.

While there is no doubt that the film performed poorly at the box office, the reasons for the poor performance are open to interpretation. For more information see icad

One thought on “Tropic Thunder Protest Effect?

  1. I think it’s also due to the fact that it’s not the best of movies—

    “It is just too bad that this film is disappointing in the fact that it aggressively puts down the mentally ill (“Simple Jack” remarks) and so willingly uses inappropriate words for laughs. This is the one comedy in a long time that actually wiped the smile off my face when it used jokes pertaining to the mentally ill so shamelessly.”

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