Natalie Du Toit 10km swim result

[picture of Natalie Du Toit preparing to dive into the pool from what appears to be a dustjacket for a book; small, typed writing on bottom half of page]
Natalie Du Toit
, an amputee swimmer who qualified for the able bodied 10 km swim in Beijing, has just placed 16th in that event, more than one minute behind winner Larisa Ilchenko of Russia. She had kept up with the lead pack for most of the race but could not keep up when the pace quickened in the latter part of the race. She was disappointed with her result hoping for a top five placing. She plans to be back in the London 2012 Olympics in that event. She will be staying in Beijing for the next month to compete in the Paralympics.

An inspiring journey for a swimmer who lost her leg in a motorcycle accident in 2001 after a morning swim practice. Instead of giving up on her swimming career she was back in the water six months later. Although these Olympics have not brought her the results she had hoped for, she says she’ll be back and “I’ve got to get faster.”

For full story see here, and our first post on Natalie back in June, as well as a later one on her carrying the South African flag at the opening ceremonies.

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