More 10 Goodness!

I was thinking that it would be nice if we had a widget so that you could create your own ten lists at a whim. As it turns out, we do! Sort of… ok, so it’s just a search bar. But  I thought I’d draw your attention to it, it’s a great way to search for posts that focus on a similar topic.

Anyway, here’s ten posts that reflect what you’ve found interesting over the last month. Apparently some of you folks like reading old entries. A lot. However, the Olympics hype really shines though in your viewing patterns. Enjoy!

The Tasty Top Ten

  1. Can we ditch the fatty anorexics but save our own stupid selves?
  2. John Mark Stallings
  3. Natalie du Toit
  4. Ableist language alternatives
  5. Natalie du Toit carries South African flag at Olympics
  6. African American swimmer wins gold medal
  7. Body Worlds
  8. Tropic Thunder: from insult to injury
  9. Tropic Thunder box office expectations
  10. New Coke commercial features Special Olympics athletes

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