Families and Memory — Free Public Symposium

A Free Public Symposium on Eugenics and Family Life:
Past, Present & Future

Friday, October 24, 2008, 8:30 am – 4:00pm
Edmonton Public Library, Stanley Milner Branch (Downtown)

This FREE PUBLIC SYMPOSIUM will centre on the stories and experiences of survivors of sterilization, institutionalization, and other aspects of our social structure that have excluded persons with real or perceived disabilities from family life

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Keynote presentations by:

Professor Simo Vehmas

University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
Specialist in the intersection of bioethics, eugenics, and disability

Professor Dick Sobsey

Director of the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre, University of Alberta.
Specialist on violence, institutionalization, and disability.

Families are integral to the lives that many of us lead. They provide the context for much of our development as individuals, for our aspirations for the future, and for our memories of the past. But family life has not always been equally available to all members of our society, sometimes because of individual choice and circumstance, other times because of social attitudes and policies. This free public symposium will explore the ways in which family life has eluded persons with disabilities, with special attention given to the effects of eugenic policies supporting institutionalization and segregation. The ideas presented will go beyond simple historical curiosity, touching the fabric of the contemporary family by dealing with issues that are in many case more relevant to the modern family than those from the past—selective abortion of fetuses with suspected disabilities, removing children from parents with disabilities and the denial of health care and health insurance.



~ Please note that this event will be recorded and shared over the Internet ~

If you would like the PDF version of the flyer to print and distribute it is available by clicking here

Sponsored By:

What Sorts of People Should There Be?

Alberta Association for Community Living

Neighbourhood Bridges

Edmonton Public Library

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