Crimes against people with cerebral palsy

The recent murder conviction in the UK of Joanne Hill for drowning her 4-year-old daughter Naomi because she was ashamed of the girl who had mild cerebral palsy, raises questions about whether crimes against people with cerebral palsy are rare events or business as usual. An icad post summarizes a sample of some of the news about crime stories against children and adults with cerebral palsy that have been published during September 2008. Crimes range from bullying and harassment to sexual abuse and murder.

A few of these include a shooting and attempted murder of a man with cerebral palsy after he refused a request for money from a panhandler, manslaughter charges against New York State parents of a child with CP as a result of nutritional and medical neglect, assault charges against a personal care attendant who worked with a 15-year old girl in a South Carolina school. For more details on these and other stories, see icad.


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