Beware: Berube Sighted in American Airspace!

Having honked around to see who might be able to report on the recent conference on cognitive disability held at Stony Brook’s Manhattan campus (ahem), I was mega-pleased to find that no finer a soul than Michael Berube was “wandering back in” to his own part of American Airspace with a post on this very topic. But that was last week. Now cooching over there, just as a way to take one final deep karmic breath, I find a post that, no kidding, had me laughing so hard that I cracked a rib and damaged several internal organs: Ground Control to Major John. Just don’t read it aloud with a friend: it hurts too much. Why can’t Canadian elections be this much fun?

Maybe it is better to burn out than to fade away, … but only if you’re a phoenix.


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