Return of What’s Hot at What Sorts

Falling of our own radar screens these last 6 weeks or so, mainly due to info overload, is our weekly / fortnightly / whenever review of 10 hot posts at What Sorts. Here we make some amends for readers who might have blinked some time in the last month or so, ranging from the end of our Olympics coverage through to the upcoming Families and Memory symposium, with lots in between:

  1. In Darkest Night Families and Memory–Free Public Symposium
  2. Spirit of the Time Gay Diver Makes a Splash
  3. Michael Billinger Questioning Race-Based Medicine
  4. Shelley Tremain Canadians Sweep Podium in Paralympic Pool
  5. Dick Sobsey Eugenics Holy War: Casualty Report
  6. Spirit of the Time Pollyannaism about Polygamy: Martha Nussbaum on Mormon History
  7. Kristina About How We Talk About Autism
  8. Biella: Shameless: The Art of Disability
  9. Gregor Wolbring Rangel Takes Heat for ‘Disabled’ Comment
  10. Joanne Faulkner Podcast About the ‘Trials’ of Courtroom Interpreter

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