New Version of the Moral Sense Test, Designed Especially for Philosophers

Howdy all! I’m new to What Sorts. For those of you who don’t know me, I work mainly at the intersection of philosophy and psychology — especially on what I now think of as the “psychology of philosophy”, the question of what the psychological causes and effects are of various philosophical positions. I’ve written extensively on variability, especially cultural variability, in people’s answers to questions about basic features of their conscious experience, and I’m working now on the question of what sorts of differences there are between ethicists and non-ethicists in their moral thinking and moral behavior.

Pertinent to that last point, Fiery Cushman at Harvard and I are running a new version of the “Moral Sense Test”, which asks respondents to make moral judgments about hypothetical scenarios. We’re especially hoping to recruit people with philosophy degrees for this test so that we can compare philosophers’ and non-philosophers’ responses. So while I would encourage all readers of this blog to take the test (your answers, though completely anonymous, will be treasured!), I would especially appreciate it if people with graduate degrees in philosophy would take the time to complete it.

The test should take about 15-20 minutes, and people who have taken earlier versions of the Moral Sense Test have often reported it interesting to think about the kinds of moral dilemmas posed in the test.

Here’s the link to the test.

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One thought on “New Version of the Moral Sense Test, Designed Especially for Philosophers

  1. by the way, I am teaching a first year intro to ethics with around 200 students in it this semester; how keen would you be for me to post this on the online section of our course?

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