Korean Protest!

Thousands of Koreans are calling for the impeachment of Judge Oh Jun-keun because of his recent sentence of four men convicted of repeatedly raping a child with developmental disabilities. The victim now 16, was raped for years by her grandfather and three uncles. Police also believed her father was involved, but he was not prosecuted because of a statute of limitations on those offenses. The father and uncles were all given suspended sentences in a case that the police describes a “gruesome.”A news story in the JoongAng Daily  points out that sentences for sex crimes are supposed to be most severe when the victim is a child, has a disability, is a a family member, or is repeatedly victimized. In this case, all of these aggravating factors were present. 

In reporting the reasons for the suspended sentences, the judge suggested that freeing the offenders would allow them to continue to take care of the victim (see earlier report of this case, Korean Outrage, and Thousands Protest Rapists Probation! on icad.) Now, thousands are calling for the Judge’s resignation and prosecutors are trying to appeal the sentence.


One thought on “Korean Protest!

  1. Amongst the many things that are horrific here is the following reasoning from the judge, justifying the “leniency” in the “sentence:

    “Taking into consideration her disabilities, she needs continuous support and help from the accused, who are her family members,” the judge ruled. “Some of the accused are aged and ill, so it is difficult for them to endure prison life. Therefore, I suspend their prison terms.”

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