What’s Next at What Sorts?

Things have been a little quiet the last week or so at What Sorts as most of us have faced some impressive time-crunches that the usual sleights of hand–long nights / early mornings, non-stop caffeine consumption, LSD (Lack of Sleep Denial, of course)–have seemed completely ineffective in overcoming. But don’t worry: despite your pending lack of confidence vote in our leadership here, we have NOT asked anyone to prorogue the blog. At least not yet. (If we did, all of our bloggers would be proroguees, or, as we say out in Western Canada, perogis. Maybe that’s the way to national unity?)

As a sorts of consolation prize for continuing to hang around the blog, here’s a heads up on two sorts of things we’ve been working on, and that will make their appearance on the blog over the next month or so.

First, we will be posting snippet-sized videocasts from the public events we held in Edmonton back in October, starting with the public dialogue we sponsored jointly with the Canadian and Alberta Associations for Community Living. We’re just putting final touches on the videos for these. We have been working on getting these fully captioned, but unless we get some unexpected good news here, we’ll have to make do with less on these, at least for now. Although progress has been made on captioning in the blogosphere, it’s still complicated, time-consuming, expensive, and mostly beyond what limited technical expertise we have, especially when looking at hours of captioning, and not just minutes. If there’s anyone out there in readerland who can help, give a shout via comments.

Second, we will be posting a series of commentaries on talks and discussions from the Cognitive Disability: A Challenge to Moral Philosophy conference held in New York back in September. These will consist of clips from the conference, together with some framing and comments. We hope that these will generate some discussion of issues of mutual interest, and will also be useful as a resource for teaching and further discussion beyond the blogosphere, e.g., classrooms, public discussion, community outreach. Ditto for our own videos.


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