Microchipping of HIV carriers… What next?

Here’s a link to the story.

This raises a number of interesting questions… Foremost of which being, why would this strategy be employed?

The capacity for a microchip (basically an implanted ID card) to affect behaviour in those who are reckless or wanton in spreading HIV must be quite questionable.  And this would also be dependent on a range of other supports.  The provision in and of itself makes little sense.

As the Australian national guidelines state:

for people with HIV who place others at risk, a variety of increasingly interventionist strategies may be needed, with preference being given to strategies that are least restrictive, as these will generally be the most sustainable and effective in the long term.”

This author’s statement in Time, is simply insane:

“The chip would send off a signal when infected blood comes into contact with non-infected blood so it would monitor the spread.”

One wonders if Dr. John Manangsang has a “patient” on this ‘magical chip.’  The faith put in technology alone to solve social problems in this instance is staggering. But more worrying is the extent to which people with HIV are being demonised, and subjected to a greater lever of scrutiny and lesser protection under the law, because of the alleged actions of only a few.


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