Starting next Tuesday: What Sorts Challenges

Next Tuesday we will kick off a series of posts at What Sorts that will appear over the next few months every Friday and Tuesday that offer commentaries on talks and discussions at the recent conference Cognitive Disability: A Challenge to Moral Philosophy. The conference organizers have posted full podcasts of the talks and discussions from the conference at the above site, and a few of us have spent the last month, on the side, figuring out what we might put together on this. Tune in on Tuesday to see, and join in any ensuing discussion. Comments on the blog are now moderated, but we would expect to be able to put these up shortly after they appear, in the vast majority of cases.

The chief aim of these posts will be to generate and/or advance discussion of specific issues that arise in taking up the themes of the conference. Commentaries will typically feature a relatively short clip from a talk or discussion at the conference, followed by a commentary; transcripts of all excerpted video clips will appear at the end of the post. Those interested in the full podcasts can head over to the site for those, and those who want to take the commentaries on their own can do that as well.

We hope that you will join in the discussions, both on the blog and beyond it, and will find the commentaries to be self-contained enough to share in other venues. Please let others know whom you think might be interested in checking this out, in participating, or in spreading the word.


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