Thinking in Action 10-pack

Over the past month we have been running a series of blog post dedicated to drawing attention (initially at least) to a series of talks held at the Cognitive Disability conference in NYC in September 2008.  These talks were video recorded, allowing the ideas presented to be accessible to a larger audience than could have possibly attended the conference.  Through our blog posts it is hoped that we might generate further discussion in a public forum accessible to a wide audience.  What follows is a complete listing of our ten-posts in this series so far listed from oldest to newest.

None of the issues dealt with are simple and the only way to navigate them is together, so look back and add your voice to the discussions that are taking place.

1. Peter Singer on Parental Choice, Disability, and Ashley X

2. Singer’s Assault on Universal Human Rights

3. What are the deep facts about our moral status?

4. The ethics of exclusion, the morality of abortion, and animals

5. Peter Singer & Profound Intellectual Disability

6. Animal Rights: Gorilla Sued for Sexual Harassment

7. The Central Question

8. Undoing the binary of cognitive ability and cognitive disability

9. Rethinking “Conceptions of the Good” in Light of Intellectual Disability: What’s dependence got to do with it?

10. Can thought experiments harm people?

Remember, this discussion series has only just begun…

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