Where do ideas about human variation come from?

Anyone in Edmonton this Friday with WAY too much time on their hands is welcome to relieve (or perhaps relocate) their boredom at the following talk by yours truly:

Title: Where Do Ideas About Human Variation Come From? Disability and Sub-Normalcy in Health and Medicine

Date: Friday, 23 January 2009

Time: 12:00 – 12:45pm

Location: Room 207 Heritage Medical Research Centre, University of Alberta

(To view map click here: http://www.campusmap.ualberta.ca/index.cfm?campus=1&sector=5&feature=66 )

Presented by: Rob Wilson, PhD

Professor & Team Organizer, What Sorts Network

Department of Philosophy, University of Alberta

Human variation is ubiquitous. Some variation is registered as difference.  And some registered differences are marked in ways that imply that they
matter more than do other differences. A significant cluster of such marked differences cluster under the heading of disability. In this talk I explore the
question in the title with special reference to the medicalization of human variation, and the relationships between variation, difference, and disability.
I will take up some claims about normalcy that the disability theorist Lennard Davis made in his landmark 1995 book Enforcing Normalcy, and try out some
other ideas about the concept of sub-normalcy and its connection to human flourishing in several health- and medicine-related contexts.


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