Have Mercy: Jennifer Eberhardt on Implicit Racial Bias @ PLMS

Over at the mostly awesome Project on Law and Mind Sciences (PLMS) blog, they have opened up PLMS Tube about a week ago. It’s a collection of about 80 videos so far, chiefly it seems from their first two annual conferences and visiting speakers. One of the videos, which they have running on their blog right now, is an amazing 30 minute talk from Jennifer Eberhardt‘s talk from 2007, “Policing Racial Bias”. Eberhardt is a psychologist working on the implicit cognition of racial bias, and its relevance for policing, the justice system, and ordinary cognition. Some of the experimental results are truly scary. Check it out.

If you think that racial bias is a thing of the past, or something that those who profess only the most liberal and inclusive attitudes about race are free of, watch the video below; it’s Part 3 of the talk, running to around 8 minutes. The whole talk covers ways in which implicit bias operates on racial grounds, and some of the results are staggering. In Part 3, Eberhardt focuses on punishment and racial proxies for evil or wickedness, but works up to the study results that had her exclaim “Have Mercy!”, starting at around 3.45 or so of this clip with a reminder from W.E.B. DuBois. Links to the whole thing beneath the fold. Update: Kudos to the folks at PLMS for getting these videos captioned!

If you want to watch the whole lot, get yourself over to PLMS Tube, starting with Part 1 here. 30 minutes you won’t regret spending.

4 thoughts on “Have Mercy: Jennifer Eberhardt on Implicit Racial Bias @ PLMS

  1. I tried watching the video, but it seems that no one thought to include captions for deaf people. Is there a captioned/subtitled version of this video? Failing that, is there at least a transcript somewhere?


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  3. My fault for putting this up quickly without checking on whether there were captions at the source; there are not. I’ve written to the people who own it to ask if they have transcripts or are planning on providing them. If they do not / are not, we’ll put one up for Part 3 here. We’ll also get transcripts up for the Modern Pursuit posts that went up today later on this week (I hope).

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