Concert for the deaf

Concert accessible to the deaf in Toronto. Interesting stuff that I had never thought about. Make sure to check out the comments as well. As someone points out, this is not exactly new news, but it will be to many, which helps account for its importance.


6 thoughts on “Concert for the deaf

  1. Alison: From the site linked to: “Thought you’d want to know about the first concert for the deaf that will be held in Toronto on the 5th of March. Some of the band members that are going to play the gig are students a Ryerson University and have developed a chair filled with speakers and vibrating devices that communicate music via vibrations to the people sitting in the chair. Results apparently are amazing and deaf people say to have experienced ‘the feeling of music’ for the very first time in their lives.”

  2. So alison,

    it seems like you object to the “the” used in my title and the poster. while i see that it can be seen as too objectifying or reifying, i am not actually sure of your critique but want to hear more. but i suspect it is the objectifying tone of the, right?

    concert for deaf people, for those who are deaf etc would be less reifying?


  3. “The deaf”. The term is vulgar. Would you collective refer to Black people as “The Black”?

    Perhaps its “the”.

    Perhaps its a recognition that there’s more to me than “deaf”, although I strongly identify as “Deaf”. I can see the nature of the article refers to a collective group, however “the deaf”? There’s historical connections here too (charity mindset), and the relationship with FOR. To me, “the” implies the other, and with a relationship that underlines power of another group?

    Deaf people, fine. Deafies, fine. The deaf, ugh.

  4. Alison,

    I see yr point. Maybe you should write a short essay about this for the blog. I was following the convention that was followed on the poster, which I took to be, somewhat mindlessly as kosher. That is the problem with(and the effectiveness of) language: it often works and do so well because we are not being hyper aware of the implications of words, pronouns and these sorts of things. But bring attention to an issue and things slowly change.

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