Think Differently About Autism

From the National Autistic Society, in the UK, a short video on bullying, Asperger Syndrome, and what it’s like; h/t to Asperger Square 8. The video forms part of the NAS’s I Exist and Think Differently about Autism campaigns, which have been ongoing for the past year or so.

Description of video, partial transcript, and further information and links beneath the fold.

The video shows two scenes with a group of teenagers hanging around after school, who bully an isolated individual: the “normal case”, and a case involving someone with Asperger. The second case ends with a beating. What follows are interview snippets with a number of children. The video is closed captioned following the two scenarios, below is the dialogue in the video itself, which doesn’t seem to be captioned:

You can see other videos in this series on the NAS YouTube channel, though you can find a wider range of these, including older and shorter videos in the series, on YouTube by following links from the video posted above than either at the NAS channel or at their Thinking Differently about Autism website. For example, link over to this video posted by mysticmonk and follow the links here for “related videos.

Transcript of video scenarios, before the captioning starts:

Scene 1:

Boy 1: Hello baby boy. Where you going? Home to change your nappy?

Boy 2: No, I’m just going to the kennel to see your mum.

Scene 2:

Boy 1: Hello baby boy. Where you going? Home to change your nappy?

Boy 2: I’m not a baby, and I don’t wear nappies.

Boy 1: You’re a freak.

Girl: What you looking at? What’s wrong with you? You’re a sick perv. Stop staring at me. [spits]

Background abuse: Come here, robot boy. Disgusting. Sick. Dirty little pervert … What’s the matter with you? …

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