Human Kinds symposium, Vancouver, April 11th

The What Sorts Network has organized an invited symposium session on Human Kinds at the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association in a few weeks time. Details below; please spread the word. The meeting is being held at the Westin Bayshore, 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver V6G 2V4 Canada, April 8-12, and our session will be on the Saturday morning before Easter Sunday, April 11th. Those who want to attend just this single session can register on site just for this session ($10); registration for the whole conference is $60.

Philosophers will note that, unusually for an APA symposium, we have managed to stage this one with only 1 out of 4 speakers likely being recognized by the APA cogniscenti as a bona fide philosopher: Nick Agar. Congratulations Nick! And, now I think of it, kudos to the rest of you as well. Impostors all.

Well, not really impostors, just very smart folks who mask their philosophical savvy in other cloth. So who are these other folks, you might ask? Click on their names to find out more details, but in summary: Natasha Vita-More is a renowned transhumanist trailblazer in art, media, and culture; Gregor Wolbring is a disability activist, trained in biochemistry and specializing in future technologies and human life; and Ed Stein is a leading scholar on gay rights, sexuality, and the law, having moved into law after finishing his Ph.D. in Philosophy at MIT.  The session should be a blast.

If you’re going to this meeting, come along, and let others know who might be interested. Room information can be gained when you register on site for either the conference or the session.

VIII-F. Invited Symposium: Human Kinds
Chair: Robert A. Wilson (University of Alberta)
Speakers: Natasha Vita-More (University of Plymouth)
“Design Issues Concerning Extreme Life Extension”
Gregor Wolbring (University of Calgary)
Human Beings—Sentient Beings: Species Typical, Sub-typical, and Beyond Typical”
Nicholas Agar (Victoria University of Wellington)
“Ray Kurzweil and Uploading: Just Say ‘No'”
Edward Stein (Yeshiva University)
“The Categories of Sexual Orientation in Law, Science, and Society”

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