Following WhatSorts on Facebook

Facebook users may want to follow the WhatSorts blog and any other blogs of interest through the Facebook NetworkedBlogs application. It is easy and efficient way to keep up with the various blogs you follow. If you are interested and use Facebook here is how to get started (If you are interested but don’t use Facebook, you will need to register for Facebook first). 1.Click here on the NetworkedBlogs. The application page will open in a new browser window. (You may be asked to sign in to facebook if you are not already signed in or haven’t enabled automatic sign in).

2. On the NewtworkedBlogs page, click on “Go To Application,” which is near the top right-hand corner.

3. You will probably asked for permission for the application to access your profile. You need to tell the application that it is okay.

4. You will now see a page with lots and lots of blogs on it that you can add to the blogs you want to follow. You simply click on “add this” to add a blog to your list.

5. In the search box below the blue facebook bar at the top and directly to the right of NetworkedBlogs logo, type what sorts and click the Go button. 

6. The What Sorts of People Should there Be blog will come up at or near the top of the list. Simply click on follow. In a second or two, the word follow will change to following and you are signed up.


There are three more optional things that you may want to do. You can do any or all of them now, or you can decide whether to do them later on.

First, at the very bottom of the page, you can click on bookmark NetworkedBlogs. This will add a small circular symbol in your bookmarks at teh bottom of the page that you can use to take you to your blogs instantly anytime that you are using facebook.

Second, find and add any other blogs that you would like to follow on facebook and add them to your blog list.

Third, You can add a blogs tab on your profile page, if you wish. Just go to your Facebook Profile Page. Under your name, you will see tabs for Wall, Info, and any others you’ve added. The final tab on the right is a + sign. Simply click on it. to reveal a menu and click on Blogs under teh menu to add a blogs tab to the page. This is another way of making your blogs quickly accessible through facebook.

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