Stem cell ‘deafness cure’ closer

Stem cells that could be used to restore hearing have been
successfully created, scientists have said.

A Sheffield University team took stem cells from embryos and converted
them into cells that behave like sensory hair cells in the human inner

Their discovery could ultimately help those who have lost hair cells
through noise damage and some people born with inherited hearing
see here

Another issue for debate


One thought on “Stem cell ‘deafness cure’ closer

  1. Alison at GOD (yes, Grumpy Old Deafies) has an earlier, interesting post on the version of this story that came out in the Daily Telegraph. In her post “Hail Body Perfection!“, she says

    The human race has an obsession with body perfection, and judging other people’s bodies. It is often said that your body is your own private entity, but too often the mainstream thinks it has a claim on this by throwing judgment (be it by the way you look, or are quite happy being deaf). If you don’t conform to these parameters, then sometimes it comes with actions that you don’t have the right to fit into society. I’ve lost count the number of hearing people who are downright horrified that I won’t entertain a CI [cochlear implant–spirit]. This pressure comes from media perceptions, the images so called charities throw about, and if you don’t tow the line then tough.

    As the post goes on, I get the impression that her main concern is with the representation of (say) deafness and a lack of understanding of Deaf culture, rather than questioning the societal drive behind the science itself. One wonders whether in a pluralistic future in which individual choices are made–like the current one where Alison opts for Deafness while others opt for cochlear implants–can be more tolerant, supportive, and even facilitative of those choices.

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