Recent Gun Violence in the US

The apparent spike in extreme violence involving guns in the US in the last few weeks seems to go beyond the usual, relatively inexplicable kind of violence that I associate with US culture. For example:

Father kills 5 children, himself [Tacoma, Washington]
Mass shooting at an immigration services centre [Binghamton, New York]
Murder-suicide that echoes others [Silicon Valley, California]
Lying-in-wait shooting of police [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
Nursing home shootings [Carthage, North Carolina]
Traffic violation, police shootings [Oakland, California; Workers World analysis]
Is violence related to recession? [Christian Science Monitor analysis]

As the last pair of posts indicate, the incidences linked to above are a sample of a larger number of cases in the past few weeks, and maybe one mistake is to lump them all together. But it’s all pretty scary, gut-wrenching stuff, and no doubt many are wondering whether this is the beginning of a longer period in which we’ll see more gun-mediated violence targeted at intimates, and emerging in what might otherwise be normal, everyday life situations.


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