WCPA Talks: The History and Relevance of the Eugenic Movement

Below are all 12 posts from our series of WCPA talks, Philosophy, Eugenics, and Disability in Alberta and Places North. The presentations are a helpful introduction to the history of the eugenic movement and how that history is important today. Dick Sobsey and Simo Vehmas discuss the North American and Scandinavian histories, respectively. Martin Tweedale and Rob Wilson focus on the importance of these histories to current practical issues: Martin on how the history of eugenics in Alberta should affect some of the University of Alberta’s policies, Rob on how the preservation of the history of eugenics in Alberta can serve a reconciliatory purpose.

 All videos contain transcripts and the videos are also available on YouTube. Comments on the blog on any of these posts is still welcome, but we also hope that you’ll find these of interest and use down the track for individual reflection or group discussion.

Thanks to our speakers and attendees for making these presentations interesting and possible. 


Varieties of Eugenics Experience in the 21st Century – Dick Sobsey Parts 1 & 2 and Parts 3 & 4

Preventing Disability: Nordic Perspectives – Simo Vehmas Part 1, 2, 3, and the Q&A

Ethical Dilemmas in Eliminating the MacEachran Prizes in Philosophy – Martin Tweedale Parts 1& 2, 3&4, and the Q&A

Building Inclusive Communities Through the Practice of Collective Memory: The Case of Eugenic Sterilization in Alberta – Rob Wilson Parts 1, 2, and 3


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