Civil Rights at Risk in the Annie Farlow Case

For background to this case, see the previous What Sorts posts linked to in this post. You can also join the new Facebook group Justice for Annie to support the Farlows and follow developments.


Subject: Farlow vs. Hospital for Sick Children et al.

Description: Motion by Hospital Threatens Access to Justice for Infant
Born with Genetic Condition whose Death Involves Disturbing Circumstances

Event Date and Location: May 7th, 2009 at 10:00-12:00 am, at 393 University Avenue, 10th Floor, Toronto, Canada.

The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children has called a motion to request for an order to transfer a $10,000 Small Claims file to Superior Court, where the cost of litigation would be utterly prohibitive. The reason the Hospital has stated the request for the transfer is that the issues involved in the Claim are “serious,” “complex” and are such that “the Hospital’s reputation is in jeopardy.”

The Farlows cannot find a lawyer to defend the case on a contingency basis due to the fact that the costs would very likely exceed any potential award for a child such as Annie with predicted disabilities. Should they lose the Motion, they will have to drop the Claim. Continue reading


Mad Developments

There is a lot of madness when it comes to psychiatry. One recent example of madness–perhaps insanity– is this faux peer review journal. At least there seems to be a growing counter-current in medicine that wants to sever the umbilical cord between doctors and drug companies as well as a vibrant grass roots move to embrace a different politics in and of madness.