Mental Illness

There is a lively debate around it. I find it strange that such article can appear in a student newspaper
here the article
but when one looks at other pieces it seems this column is mend to provoke

some reflection on it here


2 thoughts on “Mental Illness

  1. Gregor,

    I’m wondering if you actually read this article or just posted a link to it. It may be that “when one looks at other pieces it seems this column is meant to provoke” something, though “some reflection on” either the article or the issue of mental illness doesn’t strike me as the object of the provocation. Perhaps incitement, rather than provocation?

  2. yes I read it and other articles covering it.
    and i used the provoke term for all the columns written by the author. the author seem to anticipate strong reaction towards the pieces. i find quite a few pieces written by the person problematic. i do not know what the reason of writing in such way and the reason for the paper to have such a column is.

    i think they are just written to lead to strong responses to provoke not to engage as i do not think the author cares how people feel about the column

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