Health Care Reform and the Disability Community

from Ari Ne’eman, President of the Autism Self-Advocacy Network, Health Care Reform … at the Huffington Post

As we speak, Congress is deliberating on vast and important changes to the system of health care in the United States. This issue is one of crucial importance to all Americans, but of particular interest to those Americans who interact with public health insurance more than almost any other group — people with disabilities. Ranging from veterans with disabilities who receive care through the Veteran’s Administration health care system to the many low-income disabled adults who are eligible for Medicaid, the disability community interacts with the public health care infrastructure in the United States in a wide variety of ways. As we consider how to reform, streamline and expand that infrastructure through any of a variety of means, it is incumbent upon us to remember the key issues for making sure that health care reform doesn’t leave disabled adults and youth behind. Read the rest here .


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