200 Million Women are Missing

from the Stop Violence Against Women blog, a compilation post, the whole of which can be read right here:

Recent research indicates multiple possible causes for the disappearance of millions of women, or “missing women,” worldwide. The term “missing women” describes women who are dead in excess of natural mortality rates, as compared to males. Since an article by Amartya Sen appeared in 1990 which revealed that approximately 100 million women are missing worldwide, the UN has estimated that as many as 200 million women are missing.  Researchers Siwan Anderson and Debraj Ray recently wrote a paper detailing their findings after studying rates of “missing women” in India, China, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Siwan Anderson teaches at the University of British Columbia, and was interviewed about this work this week on Michael Enright’s The Sunday Edition (the podcast for this will be up on the CBC site later this week–the interview is about 35 minutes into the program).


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