A child’s death, a legal odyssey

from the National Post, by Joseph Brean, June 22nd, 2009:

When Barbara Farlow stands, self-represented, in a Toronto courtroom this morning to hear a judge’s decision in her $10,000 Small Claims Court action against Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children over the controversial 2005 death of her baby Annie, there are two equally dramatic possibilities.

Judge Thea Herman is to decide on a request by Sick Kids and two defendant doctors to elevate the case to Ontario Superior Court, with its stricter procedural safeguards and rules of evidence. If Mrs. Farlow wins, the case will proceed as a “small claim,” and two doctors at Canada’s top pediatric hospital will not only have to defend against allegations they deliberately killed a baby because she had a fatal genetic abnormality, but they will do so in a forum designed for minor disputes over unpaid bills, encroaching fences and overhanging trees.

Read the full story here.  For more on the broader context of the story, see the Justice for Annie Facebook group or search the What Sorts Blog.

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