Social Cleansing in Columbia

In the years between 2000 and 2005, it is alleged that social cleansing was common in Columbia. No one seems to know how many people were killed, details have emerged from a small number of cases while some alleged that these murders were almost daily events. The alleged targets of these killings were people known or thought to be homosexual, addicted to drugs, or mentally disabled. The alleged perpetrators were members of paramilitary militias. And it is also alleged that government prosecutors simply ignored the killings and allowed them to continue.

According to Columbia Reports:

Another unpunished case is that of John Jairo Camargo Gordillo in September 2000. Camargo was murdered in the market square of Mariquita, Tolima. Camargo was known to be a homosexual. Nine years later, paramilitary alias ‘Napo’ admitted this murder but was never prosecuted for the crime.

The Director of the Public Prosecution in Caldas, Ricardo Rivera, said all the unpunished cases of social cleansing must be reviewed whether the prosecutors favored the paramilitaries. “We have to look at each case to see where the investigations stopped,” Rivera told

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