Annie in the House, Ontario

Update: This questioning just took place, from 11.26 – 11.29am EST. Dunlop asked Minister Bartolucci, in his follow up question, why B had defended a coroner’s report that was acknowledged not to account for all the narcotics, and to have relied on putative documents that, in all likelihood, do not exist. The reply?: as Minister–i.e., the person to whom the coroner is directly answerable–he defers to the experts, and the expert in this case is the coroner. Does anyone smell something fishy?

If we can get a transcript of this, or the clip itself, we’ll post it.


Here is the link to some live-streaming of questioning from Garfield Dunlop in the Ontario Legislature about the Annie Farlow case. Questions 10.30 – 11.30am Thursday 1st October, EST:


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