New stuff on What Sorts website

Thanks to the work of John Simpson, the What Sorts Network website now has a new look, and lots of new content.  Of special note are the links to our past events, linking to captioned and often transcripted video footage from events we have sponsored over the past three years, the description of the Community-Research Alliance (CURA) project, Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada, whose funding is pending, and a friendlier introduction to the What Sorts blog, including direct links to about 20 popular and favoured named posts from the past 18 months. 

Both the videos and many of the blog posts, including those in the Thinking in Action series that offered commentaries on clips from talks at the Cognitive Disability: A Challenge to Moral Philosophy conference in NYC in September 2008, are designed with potential class use in mind.  If you find uses for these, we’d appreciate your letting us know.  Other suggestions (including corrections and notification of glitches), of course, welcome.

Check it out when you get a chance, and please let others know.


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