Rising Sun Theatre: By Popular Demand!


The good folk of Opposite Gulch, a tiny hamlet in the Badass Badlands of Southern Alberta, thought the sandstorm was bad– the worst sandstorm in 20 years, burying the crops and hayfields—but there’s worse. A ghost is haunting the town’s only remaining business, the Zappapalooza Saloon and Massage Studio, scaring staff and customers into hightailin’ it. And the worst fate of all has befallen the title character, a ghost with a curious connection to the town and great skill in optometry. Find out that fallen fate at The Ghost of Opposite Gulch!

Rising Sun Theatre is pleased to announce the return by popular demand of its premiere production of The Ghost of Opposite Gulch on Friday Dec. 4 @ 7 pm and Saturday Dec.5 @ 2 pm and 7 pm at SKILLS, 10408-124 St, SE, Edmonton, corner entrance. Admission is pay-what-you-can.

The Ghost of Opposite Gulch is a new western spoof written by Gerry Potter and Cindy Burgess, assisted by the members of Rising Sun Theatre. Rising Sun is an Edmonton barrier-free theatre company known for its productions of The Giraffe Who Thought He Could Fly and Stories About Us, which recently garnered the group the Telus Courage to Innovate Award at The Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts. Songs for Ghost are written by Burgess, Potter and musician Craig Buchert. Sam Varteniuk directs a cast which includes Geneva Auger, Barbie Cartier, Don Downie, Ron Hansen, Daniel Hughes, Robert Kaldestad, Liz Racko, Cindy Rego, Katie Saric, Joan Treleaven and Wes Treleaven. Music performed live by Craig Buchert. Set and props are designed by Stewart Burdett, costumes designed by Cindy Burgess and Geri Dittrich, and stage management is by Dhana Cartmell. This new play is supported by the Lee Fund of the Edmonton Arts Council and SKILLS. The play runs about 30 minutes. It has some adult jokes and may not be suitable for young children.

Rising Sun Theatre Workshop is a barrier-free theatre group committed to providing opportunities for people with developmental and other disabilities to have their voices heard and stories shared. We also provide opportunities to learn and grow through the practice of theatre. We have mentorships and partnerships with several organizations and individuals from Edmonton’s professional theatre community. We wish to connect with the community by portraying both the specific experiences of our members and the essential human experiences all people share. We also aim to have fun and to entertain audiences.

Thanks to SKILLS and the Lee Fund of the Edmonton Arts Council for supporting this production.

For more information please call Gerry Potter at (780) 484-2203/995-8493 or Jan O’Neill at (780) 496-9686 or contact gcpotter@shaw.ca.


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