In vitro meat within 5 years

From Oxford’s Practical Ethics blog:

A group of Dutch researchers has announced a few days ago that they have produced the first in vitro meat. Attempts to create in vitro meat started in 2001 and the Dutch government put $2 to support research in this field, while PETA offered a $1 prize to the first team of researchers that could produce edible in vitro meat by 2012. Researchers in Norway (In vitro meat consortium) and in the United States (New Harvest) are working on this issue as well, so we can reasonably expect that results will come soon.

“In vitro” or “cultured” meat is produced in a cell culture by taking cells from an animal and proliferating them in a nutrient-rich medium (read here)

Read the full post, by Francesca Minerva, at Practical Ethics


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