Bottle Drive for Alberta’s Government

Empty bottles of beer

Join the bottle drive to help Alberta's government sort its finances

While I’m sure that there are provinces or states in which the level of financial ineptitude is higher than it is in Alberta, I think we’re front-runners for any competition on that front that is weighted by massive insensitivity to the most vulnerable members of its population. Having cut liquor taxes to the tune of about $180 million last year, the Province now wants disability organizations collectively to return $2.8 million from the measly budgets they were given for this fiscal year. If you’re in Edmonton, and are outraged, here’s the event for you:
On Thursday January 14 from 7:00 – 8:00 PM in Edmonton at McDougal United Church 10025 – 101 St. there will be a rally to support individuals with developmental disabilities by protesting the government’s plans to reduce supports and services. This is an important opportunity for you to show your support for some of Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens and their families. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.
You are invited to bring an empty bottle (or more) with a note inserted for Premier Stelmach expressing your opposition to his government’s disregard for the future well-being of individuals with developmental disabilities. Since the government has difficulty managing its finances you can help by bringing your empties and perhaps the Premier can collect the deposits to fill the governments coffers.
The premier did promise to protect the vulnerable and sustain important services – help us to help the Premier keep his promise – bring your empties and send a message in a bottle.
For more on the issue see the Albertans Who Care article on it right here
If you want the poster for the rally, you can download it below

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