Life and Death Matters

Life and Death Matters: The Immediate Threat to People Who Have a Disability and the Need for Action is a one day event that will be held in conjunction with the 57th Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Association for Community Living on Friday May 28, 2010 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Some of the Presenters (e.g., Barb Farlow, Catherine Frazee, and Dick Sobsey)  will be familiar to followers of the What Sorts Project and Blog.

Presenters include:

  • Jo Masserelli: Founding Director of the SRV Implementation Project based in Worcester, Massachusetts – Devaluation of People with Disabilities as a basis for further jeopardy
  • Catherine Frazee: Catherine is an educator, activist, researcher, poet and writer. Former Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Professor of Distinction in the Disability program at Ryerson University as well as a Co-director of Ryerson University’s Institute for Disability Studies Research and Education –Human rights and Dignity of life.
  • Orville Endicott: Lawyer for Community Living Ontario – Physician Assisted Dying
  • David Baker: Disability Rights Litigator – Challenging Discriminatory  Pandemic Planning Protocols
  • Michael Shaw: Parent and Board Chair of Canadian Down Syndrome Society, Professor at University of Manitoba – Bias of prenatal screening aand the elimination of diversity.
  • Rhonda Wiebe: Rhonda is currently a policy analyst with the Disabilities Issues Office of the provincial government of Manitoba. She is co-chair of the ending of life ethics committee for the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), and a member of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition – Ending of Life Ethics
  • Barb Farlow: Parent and Family Advocate; Member of the Advisory Council of deVeber Bioethics Institute; Member of the Communications Committee of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute – How to Advocate and Circumvent Protocols and Policies that put your loved one in jeopardy
  • Alex Schadenberg: Executive Director of Canada’s Euthanasia Prevention Coalition; Chair of the International Euthanasia Committee – Euthanasia and Organ Donation
  • Richard Ruston: President of People First of Canada and Past President of People First of Ontario.
  • Dick Sobsey: John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre at the University of Alberta- Keynote and Discussion

For more information about the event and registration, see:

Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel and Suites
Richmond Hill, Ontario
May 26, 2010


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