‘Resistance: which way the future?’ is being exhibited next month in Washington DC as part of the International VSA Arts and Disability Festival.

a piece from my friend Liz Crow

Resistance is a dual-screen, moving image installation. It explores the values that permitted the Nazi programme of mass-murder targeting disabled people, reveals how people found the courage to resist, and examines how this chapter of history remains strikingly relevant today. In DC, the full installation will be at the Kennedy Center (Nations Gallery) from 6 – 20 June. Video extracts from the work will be shown on a loop at the Smithsonian Institution (International Gallery) from 8 June to 29 August.

Resistance has recently shown in the UK in Mansfield and Liverpool, receiving a Liverpool Daily Post Arts Award and fantastic responses from audiences:

“It is not often that words fail me, but I can’t begin to describe the impact this devastatingly-powerful installation had on me. This is tremendously important work, brilliantly and concisely realised into a package which will haunt me for a long, long time.” Sarah Bush

Resistance is an important project which raises issues of great relevance for today and will provide an excellent forum for engaging public debate and challenging public ideas. I hope that it will gain the platform it so clearly warrants. Baroness Neuberger DBE

You can find out more at:

Do let me know if you are able to come along, or if you would be interested in talking further about the possibility of having the installation, as we are in the process of tour booking at the moment.

With best wishes,
Director, Resistance


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